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Joseph Day 11_1

Joseph: Where you go…

I have a simple philosophy: you are a leader. Everyone leads at some point. As a leader, there is one simple rule – take your followers somewhere.

I know you are a leader by Andy Bondurant so lead well

I Know This About You

I Know This About You. I have a core philosophy on leadership. Are you ready? It’s not easy to comprehend. Okay, maybe it’s not so difficult…here it is. Everyone is a leader. You are a leader. If no one else, you are leading your family. Most likely you are leading beyond this. It could be […]

Everyone is a leader. Lead to last on Andy Bondurant.com

Lead to Last

You are a leader. I have a simple philosophy about leadership. You are a leader. Everyone is a leader. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what you do in life. I don’t care where you’ve come from or where you are heading. You are a leader. You may be a mom leading […]

Future Present Purpose on AndyBondurant.com

Body Parts, Sexual Innuendo and Purpose.

Beyond sports talk radio This week I listened to a discussion on sports talk radio. I know the sexual puns are ridiculous, so forgive me. It’s amazing how many puns can be made about a bodily function. You want to know the worst part? It sounds like a fun job to me! This particular discussion […]

Who are you leading? Who is leading you?

Who is with you? Who are you with?

Leading 101 I’m passionate about leading, and there is one important thing everyone must know if they desire to be a leader: You’re not leading if no one is along for the ride. When I read the bible, many times I read it through the eyes of what it means to lead. It’s one of […]

It's time to lead the people in need

Lead from need

The past is the past… But Jephthah said to them, “Aren’t you the ones who hated me and drove me from my father’s house? Why do you come to me now when you’re in trouble?” “Because we need you,” the elders replied.  -Judges 11:7-8 Jephthah was from the wrong side of the tracks. Actually he […]

Andy Bondurant on Tribes in the Mockingjay

Tribes: kiss you, kill you or be you

The Mockingjay Somehow life has gotten flipped around on me. When my kids were young, I was the one who took them to see the movies. Usually it was a movie I could have brought a book to, it was so bad. Never-the-less, I was the one who took the kids to the movies. Kia never […]

David the Leader

What makes a Great Leader?

Chicken or the Egg Any great cause, organization, business or strategy has an equally great leader. Growing up, my mom told me time after time, I was a leader. An interesting thing happens when you are told something over and over – it happens. It’s definitely the chicken or the egg debate. Am I a leader […]

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek on AndyBondurant.com

Work-Life Balance

ATTACK Last week, I shared how I am ATTACK-ing 2015. ATTACK is my 2015 Word of the Year. You can read more about how I’m starting, but I left one thing off my list: Reading. I want to read more books this year – at least 2-3/month. So far, I’ve ready Creativity: Overcoming the Unseen Forces that […]

Steve Martin is the Jerk on Andy Bondurant.com

Don’t be a jerk.

The other day my 9-year-old son informed me of the meaning of JERK – Junior Educated Rich Kid If this was the image you had in mind by reading my title (Don’t be a jerk), reimagine it. I also don’t mean Steve Martin from the movie “The Jerk” (see below). Instead picture one of my […]