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Joseph Day 11_1

Joseph: Where you go…

I have a simple philosophy: you are a leader. Everyone leads at some point. As a leader, there is one simple rule – take your followers somewhere.

David the Leader

What makes a Great Leader?

Chicken or the Egg Any great cause, organization, business or strategy has an equally great leader. Growing up, my mom told me time after time, I was a leader. An interesting thing happens when you are told something over and over – it happens. It’s definitely the chicken or the egg debate. Am I a leader […]

"Climbing the Ladder" Image courtesy of Flickr user kanelstrand.

Title Not Required

Don’t get it confused… This weekend I had a discussion with a friend who is the CFO of a magazine franchise operating both locally and throughout the United States. Their business model which operates on the sales of advertising to businesses in local markets. To highlight the importance of this model for their salespeople, they […]

Andy Bondurant's Screen Printing press

2013: A Year of Transformation

The last gasps 2013 is on life-support. There are only hours left until a brand new year begins. I’ve spent the last few days contemplating what I’ve gained this year and dreaming for 2014. The last several years, my year has revolved around my Word of the Year. I’ve gained so much from this discipline […]