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Joseph Day 13

Judah: A lion of a man

Salvation has come. There is hope for you and me. That’s good news. Even better news is more salvation is still to come.

Joseph Day 12_1

Joseph: It’s just perfect!

Too often I wait for the perfect time, perfect place, perfect person to do the thing I feel called to. What a waste! God can bless the imperfect places of life, so I don’t need to wait for perfection to act.

Joseph Day 11_1

Joseph: Where you go…

I have a simple philosophy: you are a leader. Everyone leads at some point. As a leader, there is one simple rule – take your followers somewhere.

Joseph Day 10_1

Jacob: Say goodbye, Say hello

Covenant sees your past, understands your present , but looks forward to your future (pain and all). Most importantly, it means, God is in it.

promises from God must be held onto - Andy Bondurant

Hold ’em to His Word!

Give and Take While reading through the book of Genesis this month, I’ve taken note of a constant back and forth between God and the patriarchs of Israel – Abraham, Isaac and now Jacob. It has a pattern to it: God promises. Man reminds God of His promise. God fulfills His promise. It usually doesn’t […]

Eyes lifted up to Heaven by Andy Bondurant in Shawnee Kansas

I lift my eyes up.

Sister Wives It’s Valentine’s Day. I admit I’m not so good at making sure Valentine’s (and other like holiday’s) are sufficiently covered. As bad as I have it (or make it), I can’t imagine being married to 2 women, especially literal sisters. Through no fault of his own, this is where Jacob finds himself in […]