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A wandering Aramean - from nobody to somebody

God: He makes the nobody into somebody.

You and I are a nobodies. However, God loves to take a nobody and make him or her into somebody. I am a nobody, but God has made me into a somebody!

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Egypt: Have fun stormin’ the castle!

It kinda feels good… Why does someone stay in an unhealthy relationship? Not just relationships with people but drugs, porn, gambling, eating, sex, shoes – you name it. Why do we stay there? I’m no psychologist (I have a hard time spelling it), but I think it’s about believing life on the “other side” is actually better. […]

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Your Journey: Don’t Stop Believin’

That was awkward… Last Sunday, I spoke at my church – Cross Points Church. This month, we’ve been discussing money. Slice it any way you want, money is an awkward subject…especially at church. My daughter summed it up well the week before I preached. She said, “Dad, I always think it’s kind of weird when Pastor David […]

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A Rolling Stone gathers no Shame

Declined. Tell me if you’ve been here. I’m standing at the check-out line, ready to pay. I swipe my card. My card is declined. Know that embarrassment? Thankfully, it’s been a while for me. I don’t plan on feeling it again. Financial Peace I was reminded of these experiences while prepping to teach Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. […]