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Transformed = Rejection, Pain + Discomfort.

Jesus was transformed on a mountain, but in the process learned that lasting transformation would include rejection, pain and discomfort.

Joseph Day 10_1

Jacob: Say goodbye, Say hello

Covenant sees your past, understands your present , but looks forward to your future (pain and all). Most importantly, it means, God is in it.

Apex brothers by Jeff Woods

APEX: The Most Difficult Climb of My Life

Apex 2017 Over 20 years ago, I made one of my most rewarding and difficult hikes of my life – an active volcano. The (literal) pain came during the last push to the peak. The final several hundred yards was a sharp incline, covered in volcanic ash. Imagine hiking the steepest part of a mountain – in sand. I was literally on hands […]


The butterfly and the struggle.

The butterfly We all struggle…even butterflies. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A little boy brought home a caterpillar he finds while playing outside. Fascinated, he asked to keep it. He and his mother placed it in a jar with sticks and grass.  The little boy constantly watched the caterpillar eat and move. […]

Lawless and Pain on Andy Bondurant

A crazy branch in the Bondurant family tree.

Lawless Start with this thought. What do you do with gut-wrenching, bone-crushing heartbreak? Now, transition to this (don’t worry, we’ll be back)… This weekend, Kia and I (re)watched the movie Lawless. Lawless holds a special place in my heart because it’s the story of my kin – the notorious Bondurant boys. Based on a true […]

Andy Bondurant's house for sale in Louisburg, Kansas

5 mind blowing truths about PAIN.

I don’t always get Job. The book confuses me. I know Job’s friends end up being the bad guys, but sometimes they sound so right. Are they right some of the time? Job gets hosed in the short run. Why? Was this just a cosmic showdown with Job as the pawn? Why does God take […]