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Purpose is your next right step

Purpose: Your Next Right Step

We’ve made purpose out to be bigger than it needs to be. Purpose can be as simple as taking your next right step. So…what’s your step?

You are picked out by Jesus!

Picked out. Invited in. Called up.

Jesus consistently treated people in this way: He picked people out. He invited them in. Jesus called people up. He does it for you today.

What is your purpose? by Andy Bondurant

Uh oh…now what? What is your purpose?

Purpose and Disillusionment Solomon, ancient king of Israel, is known as one of the wisest men to ever live. He wrote hundreds, maybe thousands of songs and even more deep thoughts (proverbs). Solomon led a nation of millions. He oversaw an empire stretching across his known world. Yet, his personal life crumbled in the end. By all accounts, […]

The Purpose Hotel by Jeremy Cowart on Andy Bondurant site

The Long Road Taken

Short Term vs Long Term I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts by pastor, Craig Groschel. Groschel is the lead pastor of LifeChurch.tv, an Oklahoma City based church which has over 100,000 members in campuses across the country (including Kansas City). In his leadership based podcast, he repeatedly used this phrase, We tend to […]

never let the pressure exceed the pleasure by andybondurant.com

Finding Pleasure even Under Pressure.

The Joy of Writing I just finished a really fun job. I wrote a 600 word devotion for my church’s daily online devotion. It took me a couple of hours between research, writing and editing. About an hour and 300 words in, I knew it was worthless. So I kept writing. I wrote another 300 words, […]

What do you want by AndyBondurant.com

What do you want?

The Black Category As I write, the Oscars are on television. The buzz around the Oscar awards this year was the second consecutive year without any black nominees in the major award categories. Several well known figures were outspoken about boycotting the show (Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Spike Lee, etc). Chris Rock, the host of […]

Future Present Purpose on AndyBondurant.com

Body Parts, Sexual Innuendo and Purpose.

Beyond sports talk radio This week I listened to a discussion on sports talk radio. I know the sexual puns are ridiculous, so forgive me. It’s amazing how many puns can be made about a bodily function. You want to know the worst part? It sounds like a fun job to me! This particular discussion […]

The Force Awakens and the Belonging you seek on Andybondurant.com

The belonging you seek

Star Wars: The Force Awakens This week, I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens for a second time. Since I had seen it a few weeks ago, I watched it with different eyes. I saw little events I missed the first time through. Particularly, I was focused on the character Rae. Rae is a young woman who grew […]

Ruth the most beautiful story in the world?

The Gift Giver and the Called.

Beautiful The story of Ruth is not just one of the most beautiful stories in the bible, but might be one of the most beautiful stories in all the world. Ruth is daughter-in-law to Naomi. Both Ruth and Naomi (along with another daughter-in-law) have lost their husbands. Naomi is living is a foreign land, so […]