Body Parts, Sexual Innuendo and Purpose.

Beyond sports talk radio

This week I listened to a discussion on sports talk radio.

I know the sexual puns are ridiculous, so forgive me. It’s amazing how many puns can be made about a bodily function. You want to know the worst part? It sounds like a fun job to me!

This particular discussion rose above body parts and on to actual substance.

The hosts discussed with a college basketball writer why some athletes seem to progress backwards. Everything about the player suggests he should be on top, but he is falling behind. The player is an upper classman. He’s shown talent and ability in the past. He’s a leader on and off the field.

Future Present Purpose on

Yet, something about his game is off.

One suggestion was some of these players begin to worry about their status as a future professional athlete. Inwardly they press to show improvement in an aspect of their game on the field. Outwardly this manifests in mental breakdowns, sloppy play and bad decisions.

Then I heard truth no matter who you are – athlete or otherwise –

If you want to secure your future, just take care of the present.

Future. Present. Purpose.

The topic of purpose is everywhere these days. What am I supposed to do with my life? This question can lead us to the same problems those college athletes face.

I know I’m supposed to do something great, but I have no idea what it is. I get so caught up in my “supposed to be’s”, and I miss the valuable now.

Remember the quote from above.

Purpose isn’t just the future. Purpose is the now – the present. Purpose is the next step. It’s what we know we’re supposed to do today.

If you are struggling with your purpose, take a deep breath, and answer this question,

What do I know I’m supposed to do today?

Then do it.

This is purpose.

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