Purpose: Your Next Right Step

One of the difficulties of growing up and living in an evangelical, Christian environment is all the talk of “calling” and “purpose.” Within this environment, there is constant angst around answering THE question above all questions, 

“What is my purpose?”

Books have been written about it. Sermons are preached on the subject. Classes are taught. Coaches can be hired. Purpose is more than an object to be obtained…it is a concept to be sold. 

The next right step is the first step toward purpose.

To be clear, I believe God does give people direct callings, and God gives everyone purpose. The industry around purpose isn’t all bad. However, the specifics of the calling are not nearly as important as they are often made to be. Too many people are caught figuring out what they’re supposed to be doing in a month, a year, a decade…only to miss out on what is happening today.

Your purpose is happening today.

That has been my story over the years. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself stuck concerned about my future. I’m so worried about the (unseen) future, that I miss what is happening right in front of me. The longer I wrestle with idea of calling and purpose, and the more I try to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, I come back to this simple question,

“What is my next right step.”

My journey isn’t made overnight. My next step is. I don’t always know where I’m supposed to end up in a month, year, or decade. I do typically know what my next step should be. When I begin to add up all of these steps, I find a larger purpose or calling, but I can’t figure out my purpose without taking the steps to get there.

Take a breath…

If your stuck, you don’t have to be. If you are unsure what you should do, you don’t need to be. Most likely you know exactly what you should be doing today, tomorrow and the next day. First, take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay. Second, take your next right step. Today.

Beyond that — is your next right step.

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