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Charlie Louise is most powerful and beautiful during submission.

Submission: Since when is Meek + Mild Powerful?

The meek get a bad rap, but do we have it wrong? Meek means tamed or better yet channeled strength. Submission to God is power and beauty.

Life balance is impossible. Intentional living is the key.

Balance is impossible.

We’ve been sold a lie…life balance. Balance is impossible. The true answer to a life out of control is intentionality.

God creates something from nothing

From Nothing to Something

Close your eyes… No seriously, participate in this little action with me. You can’t close your eyes (and still read this) but imagine nothing. Okay, I know that’s hard, but as best you can imagine empty space, no creation, vast blankness. Now to this empty space, add a light (someplace, somewhere, somehow). Now add a […]

transform: there is a fine line between sharing from the heart and sharing for my heart -andy bondurant

Transform | No strings attached.

Not so clever Most times I like to start off with some clever story about my past, something I’ve read or some hilarious thing my kid’s done. I’m not so clever today. I have a couple of quotes, a Jesus story and a big idea – transform. Stay with me. Hypocrisy. And in his teaching he […]

Steve Martin is the Jerk on Andy Bondurant.com

Don’t be a jerk.

The other day my 9-year-old son informed me of the meaning of JERK – Junior Educated Rich Kid If this was the image you had in mind by reading my title (Don’t be a jerk), reimagine it. I also don’t mean Steve Martin from the movie “The Jerk” (see below). Instead picture one of my […]

Weddings and Funerals at a Catholic church on AndyBondurant.com

Do you believe?

A few weddings and a funeral I don’t know a lot about the Catholic church. My experience is limited to what I learned in a protestant university and a handful of Catholic weddings I’ve attended. Over the past couple of years though, I’ve had the privilege of attending both a baptism and funeral at a […]

Epic: The Story God is telling and the role you are to play by John Eldridge

What’s your story?

Epic At Cross Points Church this month, we’re having an emphasis on small groups, so I’m hosting a group of about 15 people in our home. Sunday afternoon was our first meeting. We are discussing a book by John Eldredge (most famous for his book, Wild at Heart) called Epic: the Story God is Telling. […]

What they didn’t teach you in school. The 90/10 rule.

Boys and boxing movies. Growing up, every boy is a fan of boxing movies. This weekend I watched Real Steel with my boys. It was Rocky with robots, and they loved it. As a kid, I was a huge fan of the Rocky series Character (Rocky) overcomes major obstacle(s) (Apollo Creed, Mr T, Russian, economics, […]

A Happy (Hopeful) Easter to you!

The older I get the more I appreciate Easter as a religious holiday – beyond family gatherings, Easter egg huts, baby animals, and fake grass. I find meaning in the old passing away, and the new coming to life. I write a lot about life and hope on The Collective. I know there are all […]

How to escape the dream you’re trapped in.

Caught in your own dream? I’ve had the pleasure over the past 5+ years of speaking with hundreds of photographers. A common thread running through so many of these conversations are dreams turning into nightmares. You dream of owning your own photography studio. You dream of being your own boss. You dream of living life […]