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The Secret Behind Every Great Leader

A great leader isn’t flawless, but they do always show two traits. Great leaders are humble, and they learn from their mistakes.


Winning at Leadership = Humility

The best leaders find themselves mixing humility into their leadership. Solomon’s leadership had this attitude and was richly rewarded by God.


Between the Dead and Living

Sin destroys, so we need salvation. Thousands of years before Jesus, a man ran into danger showing us what was needed for the entire world.


YOU can hear God’s voice. Here are 5 keys.

You’ve heard the phrase, “voice of God.” Does God really speak? If so, how do you hear God’s voice? Here are 5 keys to hear God’s voice.

A Major League lesson in humility

A couple of weeks ago, a rarity occurred in Major League Baseball. You may have missed it because it involved my lowly Kansas City Royals. The Royals traded Wilson Betemit to the Detroit Tigers for a couple of minor league players – not unusual. KC traded Betemit to Detroit to play 3rd base. To make […]