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YOU can hear God’s voice. Here are 5 keys.

You’ve heard the phrase, “voice of God.” Does God really speak? If so, how do you hear God’s voice? Here are 5 keys to hear God’s voice.

Classic 80's comedy Spies Like Us on AndyBondurant.com

Spies Like Us

Compare and Contrast Remember that old exercise compare and contrast from school? I think God is playing this game with the Israelites. The first few chapters of the book of Joshua in the Bible are full of comparing and contrasting events with Moses and Joshua. Consider these events: God commands the people through His leader (Exodus […]

It's always darkest before dawn.

Waiting for morning.

What a difference one page makes.  The books of Genesis and Exodus are back to back in the Bible. Though they are right next to each other, the end of Genesis could be no different than the beginning of Exodus. Genesis ends with the story of Joseph moving his entire family to Egypt after he […]