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The Return of the Prodigal Son by Rembrandt - best investment is identity

3 Ways to Find a Return on your Life Investment.

For success in life you need to invest in things that bring a great return. An investment in these 3 things will bring a great return in life.


Something Lost and Something Found

Tearin’ Apart the House Last year, my boys wore me out begging for a new game console. They desperately “needed” to upgrade from an XBox 360 to an XBox One. After negotiation, we figured out a plan, which included selling all of our old gaming equipment. That weekend, we gathered all of our stuff and headed out […]

Homes for the Homeless trip with Strategic Alliance in Mexico

Take that step. It’s just a step.

The classics “We’re the safest folks in the world,” said Miss Maudie. “We’re so rarely called on to be Christians…”  – Harper Lee One of the benefits of traveling to a Spanish speaking country is the lack of entertainment in English formats. You could definitely label this a drawback, but I’ve found it helps stimulate […]

Everyone is my neighbor, but not just anyone on Andy Bondurant

Neighbor: Everyone not just Anyone

Who is my neighbor? There is an intrinsic understanding in everyone to care for the people around us. It’s natural to help the people we’re close to, but it’s not normal to help someone we don’t know. It’s even more unusual to help someone we don’t like. So there is a question we all ask ourselves regularly, […]

Santa Clause image by Kia Bondurant

It’s so childish!

What makes a kid a kid? One of the things I love about kids is their willingness to believe. They aren’t born cynical. You tell them a big man in a red suit with a white beard riding reindeer brings presents to every person in the world in one 24 hour span…and they believe. Belief […]

Image courtesy of Flickr User Saúl Briceño B.

2 Steps to a Celestial Right Jab

Kind of a big deal. A few years ago, Kia and I, along with her family hosted conferences for portrait photographers all around the country. Each year, we would pick a different city – typically a warm weather town during winter – and invite hundreds of photographers to join us. It was a lot of […]

The Vader Death Grip on AndyBondurant.com

A Vader death grip on your heart.

Clarity Jesus is very clear. When it comes to what he wants of me, there is no question. He wants me…all of me. He’s not looking for the insignificant parts. He’s not interested in the part I gave 15 years ago. He wants all of me – now. Jesus wants the part of me I’ve […]

The Glory belongs to God by Andy Bondurant in Shawnee Kansas

Jesus’ Feet.

According to StrengthFinders 2.0 (a book and test I highly recommend), among other things, I am an achiever. I need to accomplish a task in order to feel I’ve achieved something. I don’t do well with meetings – how many times is something truly accomplished in a meeting? It’s a strength. It helps me get […]