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Peace, Prosperity and Promises

In the middle of one of life’s storms, David is thinking about peace and prosperity. The principle of prosperity is available to you too!

Disney Robin Hood image of fox

Nothing New: Aesop, Disney + Pixar

Disney and Pixar tell great stories, borrowing from sources like Aesop. Scripture tells us there is nothing new under the sun. Do you see it?

The Return of the Prodigal Son by Rembrandt - best investment is identity

3 Ways to Find a Return on your Life Investment.

For success in life you need to invest in things that bring a great return. An investment in these 3 things will bring a great return in life.

Gospel of John | Understand the Bible

5 Steps for You to Understand the Bible

The Christian bible is an ancient text written by dozens of people over thousands of years spanning multiple cultures and customs. It is deep and mysterious, yet you can understand the Bible. It is accessible to you and me. Here are 5 steps to begin.

My Psalm on AndyBondurant.com

My Psalm

Meeting daily together… Every Monday through Thursday morning our staff meets at 8:30 to read a passage of scripture, a short devotion and pray together. It’s always a little different, but a couple of weeks ago we didn’t something I’ve never done before. After reading a Psalm written by David, we were challenged to write […]

3 facts about RISK (from an surprise source).

The Final Dance. Monday night the Kansas Jayhawks defied the odds. They weren’t supposed to be in the championship game to play the mighty Kentucky Wildcats. Everyone picked Kentucky to win, and for good reason – they were more talented, had a deeper bench, and were super athletic. Along with the rest of Jayhawk Nation, […]