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Reynosa, Mexico - Homes for the Homeless

What does it mean to be BOLD?

Beyond Usual Limits My 2016 Word of the Year is BOLD. It’s the next step for me following 2015 – ATTACK. For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been praying, thinking and dreaming about BOLD. Sometimes it’s been exciting, and sometimes it’s scary. When I’m truly BOLD, I’m beyond myself. defines BOLD as – not hesitating […]

Who are you leading? Who is leading you?

Who is with you? Who are you with?

Leading 101 I’m passionate about leading, and there is one important thing everyone must know if they desire to be a leader: You’re not leading if no one is along for the ride. When I read the bible, many times I read it through the eyes of what it means to lead. It’s one of […]