Who is with you? Who are you with?

Leading 101

I’m passionate about leading, and there is one important thing everyone must know if they desire to be a leader:

You’re not leading if no one is along for the ride.

When I read the bible, many times I read it through the eyes of what it means to lead. It’s one of the reasons I’m so drawn to the great and ancient king David. David always had someone along for the ride. Usually it wasn’t just one or two. Most of the time it was several hundred…if not several thousand.

Who are you leading? Who is leading you?

Most important David was able to see who was REALLY with him with one simple question,

Who will go with me?

As a warrior king, David wasn’t inviting these guys on a trip to Disney World. He was asking them to boldly walk into the camp of their enemy. In one particular instance, David’s enemy, Saul, hadn’t brought just anyone along for a fight, he brought 3,000 Army Rangers and Navy Seals.

Who will go with me?

I love David’s question. Who is with me?

I love it because it’s a question we must answer, ask or both on a regular basis. I love it because it’s simple.

Who is with me?
Who am I with?

creativity incThe answer could define the rest of your life. This year, I read Creativity, Inc by Edwin Catmull. Catmull is one of the original founders of Pixar, and Creativity, Inc is his story of why Pixar is so successful today.

Edwin Catmull shares a story of creating his first team – a team preceding Pixar. His first hire was someone who scared him. This person scared him because he was smarter than Edwin, but he answered for Edwin the question, “Who is with me?” That person, helped Catmull go on to found Pixar and make it into not just a success but a roaring success.

Edwin Catmull asked the question, “Who is with me?” and the answer defined a majority of his professional life.

What’s the answer?

So today, I challenge you to answer one or both of these questions:

Who is with you?
Who are you with?

It may make all the difference in your roaring success!

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