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Life balance is impossible. Intentional living is the key.

Balance is impossible.

We’ve been sold a lie…life balance. Balance is impossible. The true answer to a life out of control is intentionality.

Joseph Day 5

Joseph: Skills to Pay the Bills

Somehow, even in his early years, Joseph recognized the importance of the presence of God and learning new skills. Those 15 years weren’t lost but an opportunity for development.

God creates something from nothing

From Nothing to Something

Close your eyes… No seriously, participate in this little action with me. You can’t close your eyes (and still read this) but imagine nothing. Okay, I know that’s hard, but as best you can imagine empty space, no creation, vast blankness. Now to this empty space, add a light (someplace, somewhere, somehow). Now add a […]

It is well. You are forgiven, go in peace by AndyBondurant

Most Powerful Words Ever Spoken

Most Powerful Ever? Too many times in my life I’ve turned down opportunities. Most times the opportunities were only in my head – dreams, ideas, thoughts. No one said no but me to my dreams. Why? Let me answer by taking a short tangent. I was thinking the other day about the most powerful phrase […]

dream big dreams. Small dreams leave no room for a miracle -andy bondurant

(don’t) Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream Dream big dreams. Small dreams have no magic.  -Dottie Boreyko Abraham is 99 years old, and God just renewed His promise of a son through Abraham’s 89 year old wife. Abraham is honored, but he does something I might do. Laugh. I too would laugh at the absurdity of a 99 […]

napoleon dynamite on andy bondurant blog

May all your wildest DREAMS come true!

Napoleon Dynamite One of my all-time favorite movies is Napoleon Dynamite. I find the mix of comic absurdity and sweet truths a great combination. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, it’s a story about a social outcast (Napoleon) who finds his place through two friends (Deb & Pedro). One of the ways […]

motorbike and music videos are information and inspiration

Motorbikes & Music Videos. Information vs Inspiration.

Motorbikes and Music Videos When I was a kid I spent what felt like hours in the car going to and from events and practices and school and errands and relatives and everywhere in between. During these rides in the car, I did a lot of daydreaming too. One of the most vivid daydreams I […]

Teamwork is needed to achieve big dreams

Single. Uno. Solitary. Solo.

The American Dream. The myth is its possible and probable to be successful on your own. You pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. You do it alone. No one helps you. No one gives you a break. That, of course, is a myth. We all need help, and we achieve so much more in tandem than when flying solo. […]

Landon Donovan Image from LA Times

The end is near!

World Cup Fever We’re nearing one of my favorite times in all of sports – the World Cup . I can’t wait to see what is going to happen. More importantly, I can’t wait to see what is going to happen with the US Men’s National Team (USMNT). I don’t follow all of international soccer. […]

Andy in Atlanta to speak with Kia at Imaging USA

Don’t call it a comeback!

LL Cool J In 1990, Rapper LL Cool J released his 4th studio album – Mama Said Knock You Out. It came on the heals of the disappointing album, Walking with a Panther. The title song from the Mama Said album begins with the line, “Don’t call it a comeback!” Cool J was making a […]