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We are made in the image of God to remind and reflect

Reclaim Your Identity: Made in the Image of God

My identity is found in being made in the image of God and being adopted as a child of God. So what does it mean to be made in God’s image? We are made in God’s image to remind and reflect God to all creation.

4 Truths about the Promises of God

4 Truths about the Promises of God

The promises of God are available to you. It begins by being a child of God and continues by understanding four truths about God’s promises.

Photo of communion or the bread and the wine by James Coleman on Unsplash.com

Communion: Graham Crackers and Juice Boxes?

Why does communion matter? It is much more than just the bread and the wine. It’s about covenant, but it also is all about the bread and wine.

Faith is both ancient and new by Andy Bondurant

Something Ancient | Something New

Stand by the roads, and look,     and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it,     and find rest for your souls.  – Jeremiah 6:16 Something ancient It’s human nature to want the new thing. We all want newer, better, faster, stronger. It’s why you upgraded your phone/car/computer/dishwasher/drill last year. […]

How to pray a bold prayer - substantially different on andybondurant.com

BOLD Prayer | Substantially Better

BOLD Business Over the years Elon Musk founded PayPal, Tesla Motors, SpaceX, Zip2 and X.com. He’s also the chairman of SolarCity and co-chairman of OpenAI. He’s a very busy and very successful man (worth over $13 Billion). So what drives him? According to Musk himself, it’s this: “I didn’t go into the rocket business, the car […]

dream big dreams. Small dreams leave no room for a miracle -andy bondurant

(don’t) Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream Dream big dreams. Small dreams have no magic.  -Dottie Boreyko Abraham is 99 years old, and God just renewed His promise of a son through Abraham’s 89 year old wife. Abraham is honored, but he does something I might do. Laugh. I too would laugh at the absurdity of a 99 […]

The Word is Advent on AndyBondurant.com in Shawnee, Kansas

Advent | The Word | It’s Alive!!

Advent Sunday, November 29 marked the official beginning of Advent season. Advent in the church is known as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for celebration of the birth of Jesus. In Latin, Advent literally means coming. Advent can also refer to the Second Coming of Jesus. So this Christmas (as with every Christmas) we […]

Andy Bondurant is looking for the perfect house

The Mountain Before Provision.

I’m currently heading to, in or on my way back from Bolivia. The internet access (along with my time) is a little more sketchy there than here in the States. So I’m re-posting a few of mine and your favorite posts from the last year or so. PS – There is a new ending to […]

Tower Heist movie poster on AndyBondurant.com

Let’s do this thing!

The Tower Heist During my recent trip out of town, I watched the movie Tower Heist. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a comedy about a group of misfits who come together in Robin Hood fashion to take from a Wall Street mogul and distribute to those who were cheated out of their life savings. […]