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have you guarded what God has given to you

Guard What’s Yours

God has given to you specific people, finances and dreams. They are yours from God. He is calling you to guard these gifts!

Comfort is not god

Suffering: God of comfort or Comfort as god?

America worships comfort. However the Apostles taught suffering should be expected, and in our suffering we should find joy. When we rejoice together in the midst of pain, we grow!

Steal Back your Identity

3 Ways to Steal Back Your Identity

As a follower of Jesus, your identity is under attack. The enemy of your soul wants to steal it from you. Here are 3 ways to steal it back.


How Instagram stole my true identity

As a Jesus follower, your true identity is being adopted as a full child and heir of God. Satan used Instagram to steal my identity. Has the enemy of your soul stolen this identity?

4 Truths about the Promises of God

4 Truths about the Promises of God

The promises of God are available to you. It begins by being a child of God and continues by understanding four truths about God’s promises.

Andy Bondurant and Jennifer Webster

Surviving Childhood: From Weeping to Refreshment

Navigating childhood memories can be difficult. However, what a valley of weeping can be turned into a spring of refreshment. Here’s how!

Wilderness is sacred

The Wilderness is Sacred

The wilderness is sacred. It is holy because of what happens in us, and how God uses it to demonstrate his love toward his children.

4 tips to grieve with those in grief

Grieving with those who Grieve: 4 Ministry Tips

It is a gift to be able to grieve with those who are in grief. But it is a gift that you can learn. Here are 4 tips to grieve with others.

2 Things to take to the bank about God

2 Things about God to Take to the Bank

Life is uncertain, which means your faith can also be uncertain. It’s why they call if faith. Without doubt you can’t have faith. So let me give you two things you can be certain of today, tomorrow and for your life. Here are two things you can take to the bank about God. 1. God […]

Kindness is the open door leading to repentance and relationship.

Kindness = Repentance + Relationship

God wants relationship. His nature demands repentance, but God longs for relationship. What does your picture of God look like?