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Andy Bondurant and Jennifer Webster

Surviving Childhood: From Weeping to Refreshment

Navigating childhood memories can be difficult. However, what a valley of weeping can be turned into a spring of refreshment. Here’s how!

Parenting is hard, so we need goals and philosophies on AndyBondurant.com

A Parenting Philosophy: Making Your Kid Practice the Flute

Parenting is hard. To be successful as a parent you need goals and a parenting philosophy. Here are my 3 goals & 4 philosophies of parenting.

We all have messages playing through our heads. My guess is ”God is for me” isn’t one that naturally plays in your head.

God is for you.

We all have messages playing through our heads. My guess is ”God is for me” isn’t one that naturally plays in your head.

Invited in. You are invited into community.

You are invited in!

Jesus picked you out, but he didn’t end there. Jesus also invited you in to community. He wants you to have relationship with him and others.

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On getting Fat and Happy

Kid Dynamite I was not a boxing fan growing up. I didn’t have much of a chance of that living in a single mother house with 2 women (mom & sister). I’ll never forget, though, one boxing match I did watch. I was staying with my dad in the summer, and we were at a […]

Andy in Atlanta to speak with Kia at Imaging USA

Don’t call it a comeback!

LL Cool J In 1990, Rapper LL Cool J released his 4th studio album – Mama Said Knock You Out. It came on the heals of the disappointing album, Walking with a Panther. The title song from the Mama Said album begins with the line, “Don’t call it a comeback!” Cool J was making a […]

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Welcome to AndyBondurant.com

With a mix of fear and trembling and excitement and wonder, I launch my new blog. Welcome. Thank you for taking a look, checking-in and giving it a read. Possibly, you have read another blog I created The Collective. I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why here and not there?” You might also be wondering, “What are […]

It’s okay. You’re not alone. (revisited)

One year ago… Last year, I wrote a post with the same title. It came after a road trip Kia and I took with our family. On the way to and from visiting my dad in Florida (from KC), we visited photographers from all over. As we talked with these people the common thread we […]

2012 Word of the Year Finale – RISK.

A little background on me. For sake of context, it’s important for you to know a little more about me. Immediately out of college, I worked at a church helping reach children in their neighborhood in urban core of Kansas City, Missouri. During these two years, Kia and I lived and worked in this neighborhood, […]

How I went “Back to the Future”

Ummm…it’s been a while. It has been exactly 31 days since my last post. One month. In blog time, it’s like a million years. Let me share what is happening in my world. Back to the Future I’m moving into the future, looking back at my past. Growing up, one of my favorite movies was Back […]