Joseph: Skills to Pay the Bills

Day 5 – Genesis 41

Last month I read through the story of Joseph in the Bible (Genesis 37-50). Each day I was challenged to share what I learned. Here was my insight into Genesis 41.

Joseph is finally remembered

On day 1, we saw Joseph had a crazy dream as one of the youngest children in a nomadic, shepherding family of over a dozen kids. Joseph dreams he would come into authority – even over his older siblings. Joseph was probably around 16-17 years old when he has that dream. Then disaster strikes.

Jealousy. Slavery. Imprisonment. Forgotten. Insignificant. 15 years of life stolen. Or was it?

Joseph a story of redemption - day 5 (skill to pay the bills) by Andy Bondurant.

Let’s recount what Joseph does in those 15 (or more) years. He runs the household of one of the most powerful men in Egypt. He stands up to the wife of that man. He learns to maintain integrity in the face of temptation. He manages the royal prison. He hones his dream interpretation skills.

God was doing something in Joseph until the time was right. When the time was right, Joseph has exactly what he needs, when he needs it, for the people who are looking for those very skills. So, at just the right time, Joseph is remembered by the cupbearer (day 4). He is called to interpret Pharaoh’s dream, which he does…including a plan of action.

“So Pharaoh asked his officials, “Can we find anyone else like this man so obviously filled with the spirit of God?” Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, “…clearly no one else is as intelligent or wise as you are.” -Genesis 41:38-39

As they say, the rest is history. But you and I know…not really.

Somehow, even in his early years, Joseph recognized the importance of the presence of God and learning new skills. Those 15 years weren’t lost but an opportunity for development.

If your dream is truly from God, don’t waste time as you wait. Develop yourself. Seek the presence of God. At just the right time, you will be remembered. Will you be ready?

Daily Blessing: God, give me the grace to develop my skills as I wait on the dreams God has given to me.

Daily Challenge: Determine the skills you need to achieve the thing God has given you to do (your dream). Be honest and true with yourself. One a scale of one to ten, where are you in your ability. Choose one skill you will work on in the next three months to better prepare yourself for when your “time is right.”

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