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It was all about the bling in 2008 on Andy Bondurant

Success or Rewards?

I’m currently heading to, in or on my way back from Bolivia. The internet access (along with my time) is a little more sketchy there than here in the States. So I’m re-posting a few of mine and your favorite posts from the last year or so. Enjoy! All about the bling-da-bling-da-bling In early 2008, […]

motorbike and music videos are information and inspiration

Motorbikes & Music Videos. Information vs Inspiration.

Motorbikes and Music Videos When I was a kid I spent what felt like hours in the car going to and from events and practices and school and errands and relatives and everywhere in between. During these rides in the car, I did a lot of daydreaming too. One of the most vivid daydreams I […]

"Climbing the Ladder" Image courtesy of Flickr user kanelstrand.

Title Not Required

Don’t get it confused… This weekend I had a discussion with a friend who is the CFO of a magazine franchise operating both locally and throughout the United States. Their business model which operates on the sales of advertising to businesses in local markets. To highlight the importance of this model for their salespeople, they […]

gift and talents lead to the calling of God on

Entrusted with Mysteries

Given a gift Talents and abilities – they are undeniable gifts from the Father. In 1 Corinthians, Paul speaks of being given the gift or talent of an apostle. He describes this as being entrusted with the mystery of God. I don’t claim to be an apostle, but I do believe I’ve been entrusted with talent and ability. […]

Happy 4th of July from the Bondurant's

What in the world?

90’s Christian Rock In the 90’s I pretty much solely listened to Christian music. There were some pluses and minuses to this. The plus was it was a good way to guard my heart. A minus was there were like 3 big name artists to listen to (a gross exaggeration, but close). One of those artists […]

Image by Andy Bondurant in Louisburg, Kansas

Stop Striving

I wanna be rich! For a solid 5 years of my life (probably longer, but I can specifically point to a 5 year span), I wanted to be rich. It’s funny because never before and not since have I cared about money like that. I’ve always appreciated nice things, but money never had a grip on […]

waiting can be unbearable on

Keep Waiting

The moment all hope seems lost “Why should I wait for the Lord any longer?”  -2 Kings 6:33 Read a line like this you know something is about to go down. In this case, God comes through…the next day. If only it were this easy in our lives too. If only we could see so clearly our […]

Where have all the great followers gone?

You are a follower. You read that right. You are a follower. You can’t help it. Don’t worry…I’m a follower too. Truthfully, I like to follow. I want to pay attention to people who I value and trust. I want to know what they are thinking. I want to know what they are learning. I […]

Ever feel like you are in the Matrix?

The Focus of ALL Hope

Zero to Hero in 3 days The story of King Saul in the Old Testament is pretty amazing. Saul is promoted from overseeing his father’s donkeys to king in a matter of days. “And I’m here to tell you that you and your family are the focus of all Israel’s hopes.” -1 Samuel 9:20 Samuel the […]

What do you love to do? It might be your purpose.

Calm down. It’s just your purpose.

Stories about purpose make me happy. I don’t know if you saw this, only like a million people did on YouTube, but Pharrell cried on Oprah. First, yes, Oprah is still on TV (I didn’t realize it either). Second, Pharrell is a musical artist who’s been around for a while, but recently his song, “Happy” […]