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Genesis and the Lights of Christmas on AndyBondurant.com

Genesis and the Lights of Christmas

The very first words of Genesis tell the pattern of human history. Those words remind us of why we love Christmas lights and a warm fireplace.

Remember when life was full by felt so empty?

Remember When Life Wasn’t Hard, but We Thought It Was?

Life Happens So Fast! Everyone experiences this. You endure a really difficult season of life. Years pass, and a realization hits – you had no idea what hard was. This was college for me. I thought I didn’t have time. I thought I didn’t have money. I thought I was under constant pressure. I thought […]

The Force Awakens and the Belonging you seek on Andybondurant.com

The belonging you seek

Star Wars: The Force Awakens This week, I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens for a second time. Since I had seen it a few weeks ago, I watched it with different eyes. I saw little events I missed the first time through. Particularly, I was focused on the character Rae. Rae is a young woman who grew […]

Ruth the most beautiful story in the world?

The Gift Giver and the Called.

Beautiful The story of Ruth is not just one of the most beautiful stories in the bible, but might be one of the most beautiful stories in all the world. Ruth is daughter-in-law to Naomi. Both Ruth and Naomi (along with another daughter-in-law) have lost their husbands. Naomi is living is a foreign land, so […]

blind luck or unprayed answers on AndyBondurant.com

Blind luck or Un-prayed Answers?

Blind Luck Recently Kia needed some sort of colorful plant or flower for her morning’s shoots as a background. While driving to her studio, she was pondering how she could get it (cheaply). It wasn’t a big deal, but she knew it would make a difference in her shoots. It would take them from good to […]

It's okay to not be okay. It's not okay to stay that way

It’s OK to not be OK. It’s not OK to stay that way.

I wish… I wish I had come up with my catchy title for today’s post. Unfortunately it wasn’t me. The title comes from Perry Noble. Noble is the lead pastor of a large church in South Carolina and recently wrote the book Overwhelmed about depression and anxiety. He was also one of the featured speakers at The Orange […]

Andy Bondurant holding hands with his son

Hanging on for dear life with open hands

Palms Up… In his book Love Does, lawyer/activist Bob Goff describes how he instructs his clients to posture during a deposition – So when my clients are being deposed, I tell them all the same thing each time: sit in the chair and answer the questions, but do it with your hands palms up the […]