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Comfort is not god

Suffering: God of comfort or Comfort as god?

America worships comfort. However the Apostles taught suffering should be expected, and in our suffering we should find joy. When we rejoice together in the midst of pain, we grow!

Steal Back your Identity

3 Ways to Steal Back Your Identity

As a follower of Jesus, your identity is under attack. The enemy of your soul wants to steal it from you. Here are 3 ways to steal it back.


The butterfly and the struggle.

The butterfly We all struggle…even butterflies. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A little boy brought home a caterpillar he finds while playing outside. Fascinated, he asked to keep it. He and his mother placed it in a jar with sticks and grass.  The little boy constantly watched the caterpillar eat and move. […]

we're here to make dents in the universe -Steve Jobs

Makin’ a Dent

We’re here to put a dent in the universe.  -Steve Jobs Making Dents This weekend, I started reading the book Impact: Great Leadership Changes Everything by Tim Irwin (known for writing Run with the Bulls without getting Trampled).  Irwin says this in the opening chapter, We want to believe our lives count for something more […]

Lent not a tradition at Cross Points Church in Shawnee, Kansas

Tis the season…to lay it down.

Lent. I’ve never been much of a Lent guy. Growing up, lent was not a tradition our church kept. I guess it was to liturgical for our Southern Baptist/Charismatic roots. Catholics, of course, were just a step from the devil himself. Last week, marked the beginning of Lent, and I still don’t do much to […]