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Christmas: the heart of generosity

Christmas: the Heart of Generosity

Christmas is a season of giving which reflects the heart of God. Generosity is God’s nature. Do you reflect God’s heart of generosity?

Gael and Bon Bon - Escuela Viva and The Restore Project

The FUTURE: You won’t believe this story!

The set-up This Christmas, I took my family to spend a week in Mexico, but this was no trip to the beach. For the second year, we joined a team of over 150 to build 20 homes for the homeless in Mexico. These homes are all in and around a squatter village called “The Colonia” surrounding the town […]

The Restore Project by Andy Bondurant

Introducing The Restore Project

Introducing The Restore Project Yesterday, I launched a brand new website – The Restore Project. It’s a dedicated site for my t-shirts. I’m really excited about both the site, and the future for The Restore Project. Here’s the story… Short Version Immigration, walls, reform – most of us don’t have the solution. Through long talks with people […]

What does it mean to have BOLD goals?

So math isn’t my strong suit.

Word of the Year | Bold 2016 is all about BOLD. I’m focusing on BOLD prayers, goals and dreams. I shared some specific examples of each a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been focusing on my BOLD goal. I want to sell 1000 t-shirts, raise $5000 and send a bunch of kids to school. Read anything about […]

Homes for the Homeless trip with Strategic Alliance in Mexico

Take that step. It’s just a step.

The classics “We’re the safest folks in the world,” said Miss Maudie. “We’re so rarely called on to be Christians…”  – Harper Lee One of the benefits of traveling to a Spanish speaking country is the lack of entertainment in English formats. You could definitely label this a drawback, but I’ve found it helps stimulate […]

The Resort La Fortuna in Guatemala on Lake Atitlan

Eyes Wide Open

Off and Away Late last month, Kia and I were in Guatemala celebrating our 20th anniversary. We had an absolutely incredible time. There were so many highlights – from staying on a lake resort only accessible by boat to walking the streets of a city dating back to the 1500’s. We explored a small village […]

Sorry. I am doing a GREAT work by Andy Bondurant

Best of the Best

Only the Best! I don’t often do this. In fact, I haven’t ever done it on this site, but I thought it time. Today, I am sharing with you the top posts over the last 3 months at These are the posts you’ve visited the most. You’ve come across them on Facebook, Twitter or […]

Artist on

An Artist’s Manifesto (of sorts)

Artist = Loaded with meaning It takes a lot of guts to call yourself an artist. The term artist means something different to everyone. Call yourself an artist and people either immediately agree or call you a fraud. The word artist is polarizing. For some it’s a great thing, but others it’s a joke. You […]

We live in a NOW world


Our NOW world. We live in an immediate world. We can expect so much right now – fast food, microwaves, ATMs, text messages, online bill pay, video & audio streaming. Sometimes it’s difficult when something literally can’t be NOW. It’s the only way, I can explain how an email like this has anyone bite: WESTERN […]

Andy Bondurant writes about being surprised by joy in Shawnee Kansas

Surprised by Joy

Kalos Christmas This past Christmas season, Cross Points Church implemented Kalos Christmas. Kalos is a Greek word taken from scripture that reflects good or beautiful works. These good works are just nice deeds, but they come from within an individual – it’s an inward beauty being displayed by outward actions. At Cross Points we ask […]