Big guns and bigger explosions!

What I need in a movie…

I’m like most guys when it comes to movies. Though I can sit through a romantic comedy most days, I’m a sucker for big guns and bigger explosions. I like it when the good guy has insurmountable odds in order to overcome evil. I’m able to suspend reality for 2 hours if those conditions are met.

Yeah, the bar is pretty low.

What I really want, though, is someone with a supernatural amount of courage. You are probably the same. It’s why movies like Schindler’s List, The Shawshank Redemption, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and It’s a Wonderful Life all made IMDb’s top 30 movies (voted on by fans).

It's a Wonderful Life movie scene
Each of those movies have in it an underlying theme of courage. People love stories of incredible courage.

Leading your family (or anything) takes courage.

In our minds, leading a family, a business, a meeting, etc doesn’t have the same sexy quality those movies do. Don’t be fooled…it takes the same amount or more courage to lead anything with counter cultural values!

Discipling your 2 year-old after a long day of work is not easy. Telling them to go to bed may as well be defying an evil regime (a la Schindler’s List or Star Wars).

Confronting your teenager on their attitude can feel like you are walking into full-on 12th century battle (The Lord of the Rings anyone?). It is the last thing you want to do at 7:30 in the morning.

Facing down the banker intent on putting you out of business (like It’s a Wonderful Life) has nothing on making your elementary-aged son take a bath.

Parenting takes courage.

You can make a similar list for leading your business. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to start and run a business day after day.

How to find courage?

“This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”  -Joshua 1:9

The famous verse in Joshua 1 (above) tells us to be strong and courageous when carrying out God’s commands. Parenting and leading is a command of God. Where do we find that courage?

Reading the first several chapters of Joshua give us some insight on how Joshua found (and lost) courage. Here are 3 ways to have the courage you need to lead:

1. Act.

God tells Joshua what to do in Joshua 1:1-9 (Be strong & courageous, obey me, take the land). Immediately Joshua begins to act. In Joshua 1:10-11, he orders his commanders to have the people ready in 3 days to move into Canaan.

When you know what to do…do it. Don’t give yourself time to be afraid. Act.

2. Plan (in faith).

Though Joshua acted immediately, he didn’t do so blind. Joshua sent out spies into the land. Interestingly, this is the same thing Moses did 40 years earlier, and it lead to disaster. The difference? Faith. These men went and returned in faith.

When you have a good plan, you’ll have more courage. You can’t know everything though, so plan in faith!

3. Obey.

In Joshua 7 we see Joshua and all the Israelites melt in fear. Why? Sin has entered the camp! Someone disobeyed God’s order to destroy or dedicate to God everything. The result is defeat at the hands of an inferior opponent.

Sin disconnects us from God. When we’re disconnected from God we’re unsure of ourselves and fearful. Obedience to God’s word gives us the courage to walk forward with confidence.

Act. Plan. Obey. Lead with courage!

You have the ability and more importantly the call on your life to lead your family and your business. Be blessed this week to lead with courage.

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