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How Instagram stole my true identity

As a Jesus follower, your true identity is being adopted as a full child and heir of God. Satan used Instagram to steal my identity. Has the enemy of your soul stolen this identity?

Overcoming the Power of Fear by Andy Bondurant

Fear not.

The Power of Fear. The only thing needed to slow down a dream is a seed of doubt. Given enough time and cultivation, that seed becomes rooted in our spirit. With the opportunity, the root will turn into a full-grown plant overtaking our heart and soul. The dream is slowed to grinding halt. Fear has […]

How to take a break (without being idle).

A long (cool) vacation. Last Friday, Kia and I returned with our family from a 12 day vacation. It’s the longest vacation we’ve had in years, and it marks the 2nd double digit vacation we’ve taken this year. It’s one of the priorities we set when we attended the Storyline Conference in June of 2011. […]

Risk. Striking balance between fear and care.

One of my favorite people to follow on Instagram and Twitter is author Jon Acuff. He has written a couple of books – the latest is Quitter. He also blogs regularly at JonAcuff.com. He’s funny and insightful. On a regular basis he posts thoughts which he has written on sticky notes. Here is a recent […]

NO. The most powerful word in your business. Pt 2

This is part 2 of 2 in using THE most powerful word in your life and business to produce freedom. Read part 1 on how hearing “No,” produces Freedom. Freedom is worth dying for. If the above statement is true, why do we continually give FREEDOM away? First, freedom is worth dying for. On a […]

NO. The most powerful word in your life?

At spa Event Fall 2011, I shared a presentation on using social media channels and tools to create freedom in your life. This is part of how I began the presentation. This year I have concentrate on one word in my life. Freedom. I’ve learned a lot about freedom, myself and my business by simply […]