NO. The most powerful word in your life?

At spa Event Fall 2011, I shared a presentation on using social media channels and tools to create freedom in your life. This is part of how I began the presentation.

This year I have concentrate on one word in my life. Freedom. I’ve learned a lot about freedom, myself and my business by simply allowing myself the time to focus on this one thought for a year.

During this process I found something quite shocking – the easiest way to gain freedom for your life and your business is to learn, to use and to accept one word.

This could be the most powerful word and concept you can incorporate into your life, business and photography.


That’s it. Nothing fancy. Super simple. But we hate to hear it, and we hate to say it.

How hearing “no” produces freedom.

When we hear someone (person, institution, etc) tell us “No,” we become empowered to decide how badly we want X.

2 examples:

  1. You’re at the store, and you see a pair of shoes you like. You ask about your size, and find out they don’t have your size in stock. The store has a half-size above and below, or you can order from another store.
    • All of a sudden, you are given a choice. How badly do you want this shoe? How important is it to have the shoe now? Is it worth waiting a few more days? Is it worth being a little too small or too big?
  2. You fall in love with the perfect house, and apply for a loan. The bank tells you that the appraisal of the home is lower than what you need to buy it. It’s a no.
    • Again, you have a choice. Is the house worth waiting for (and hoping it doesn’t sell)? Is it worth going to another bank? Is it worth taking on risk? Is it worth acquiring cash in another way?

Freedom comes through fighting for it.

I don’t believe you need to blindly accept “NO,” but you need to use hearing “NO” as a decision point. You need to decide if it’s time to fight for what you want.

When we hear an easy “Yes,” it’s easy to make a regretful decision. While hearing “No,” may make life more difficult initially (and seem to produce less freedom), long-term it allows you to live the life you really want to live.

Tomorrow, I’ll share more on the power of NO in your life – the power of saying “No.”

I am currently re-packaging the spa Event 2011 presentation, and it will be available for download soon. You can pre-purchase it now for $19 (normal price is $29).

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