It’s Christmas Eve. Let’s wrap!

As you read this, I can about guarantee you that I am literally wrapping. With 4 kids and an entire extended family to gift, we have a lot of gifts to wrap.

I hope and pray that you have a very Merry Christmas tomorrow with your family and loved ones!


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December contest. Win a FREE brand consultation.

The Collective is teaming up with Animoto & Sarah Petty’s The Joy of Marketing to give away a brand consultation with Sarah’s team. Just tell The Collective why you need this more than anything else this year.


4 Changes for The Collective in 2012.

After reading and thinking about 4 core principles that made Apple what it is today I’ve made some goals for The Collective in 2012. Hint: it’s partly why you only see 1 post each day this week.


The ONE thing that is everything.

Too often we search for that ONE thing that will solve our business, photography or life problem(s). It’s not that simple, but it is that simple. Mark Ellis explains in this post.


picture of kip who loves technology from napoleon dynamite

Technology marches on. Will you march with it?

It seems like every day we read something new done with technology, yet too often we run away and not embrace it. Here are 5 steps to help you embrace technology in your business.


Best biz books, camera travel case and new product ideas. Ask Joy!

Joy Vertz answers your questions about her favorite business books, photography travel case, and best new product idea she incorporated in 2011.

Cool links of the week:

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  • Viral Videos + Non-licensed music don’t mix – If you are using non-licensed music on your website or slide shows, this interview on DareDreamer Magazine may do enough to scare you straight.
  • – If you need a new option to find music for your slideshows and videos, this may be the place for you. Features Jason Mraz and Train among others.
  • Put your customer first – We all claim to put our clients first, but do we really? Here are 3 items to evaluate yourself on.

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