When 100 Yards is a Million Miles.

New Year. New Perspective.

The Bondurant family started off 2016 by gaining new perspective. We journeyed what seemed like 1 million miles away, but we only needed to see 100 yards across a river. Kia and I and the whole family (all 6 of us) took a trip to Reynosa, Mexico, just south of the border from McAllen, Texas, with Strategic Alliance to build a home for a family in desperate need.

It changed our collective life.

Andy Bondurant building a home in Mexico

Each person in my family has a different favorite moment from the trip – riding a pony, playing with children, connecting with the family, playing soccer. Mine was standing next to the Rio Grande.

100 Yards…

The family we built for lived in a shack (dirt floors, no electricity, no door and a leaky, plastic roof) only yards from the Rio Grande. We saw teens carrying a raft up and down the road – to and from the river. Along with them were groups of people…only the groups of people didn’t come back. With the current debate on immigration, I don’t have to tell you what they were doing.

sometimes 100 yards is like 1 million miles

To most of us (including all Republican candidates), this is a polarizing image.

…1 Millions Miles

A few days later, I stood at the same spot these teens took their boat, and I looked across to America – less than 100 yards away. In the weeds and trees, no different than what I was standing in, I could see hope, opportunity and a chance for something more. When I turned around, I saw a family who scavenged the dump for the essentials of life…including food. For the briefest of moments, I walked in their shoes, and I can’t start to express my sense of hopelessness.

My perspective has changed.

I realized sometimes 100 yards can be a million miles away.

How to Change your Perspective.

As we are in the infancy of 2016, I encourage you to intentionally change your perspective. I challenge you to see life differently than you did just a few weeks ago.

Here are three practical ways to change your perspective:

  1. Do a Word of the Year project. It’s as simple as choosing a word, and digging into that word for one whole year. What can you learn and experience from that word in 2016. I promise if you stick with it, your perspective will change. If you need help, start HERE.
  2. Get out of Dodge. In 2015, Kia and I intentionally made decisions so our family could participate in a missions/work trip. It wasn’t cheap and it wasn’t easy, but it was invaluable for all of us to have a new perspective. I have a BOLD dream to take 200 of you with me. Begin to plan now!
  3. Join my List. I’ve been inspired to do more, and I believe I’m supposed to take others along for the ride. If you think that could be you, join my email list. Just click THIS link, and fill out the form. You’ll receive updates from me on my latest posts, how to help make a difference in projects like this and more. I promise to make you think 🙂
  4. Buy a T-Shirt. Part of doing more is selling more shirts. My BOLD goal is to sell 1000 shirts in 2016. If I sell 1000 shirts, I raise $5000 and send 8 kids to school full-time. Help me reach my goal. Buy a shirt, tell a friend, buy a shirt for a friend. It’s a t-shirt with a purpose.

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  1. Lee March 31, 2016 at 2:06 pm #

    Good. I have had a walk in his shoes moment. It totally changed my outlook and my life.

    • Andy Bondurant March 31, 2016 at 7:21 pm #

      Thanks, Lee. It is a most powerful thing to do if we can do it!

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