How to Grow from Your Word of the Year

Word of the Year | Resolution on Steroids

Last week, one of the stars of professional wrestling from the 1980’s passed away. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka died from complications of cancer and dementia. He was a wrestler I remember well (as that was my heyday of wrestling memories).

Yet, the one thought I was struck with as I looked at the picture below and ones like it were the mass of muscles on Snuka. I have no idea if he used steroids, but it was a common practice in those days for athletes of all kinds.

Of course anabolic steroids are used (illegally) to enhance and speed the growth of muscle to be stronger, increase muscle mass or improve in sports.

Now imagine putting your New Year’s resolution on steroids. Imagine enhancing your resolution to make it bigger, stronger and better. That is what the Word of the Year project is. That’s why I love the Word of the Year.

It’s your New Year’s resolution(s) on steroids.

The Word of the Year project.

Last week, I shared in detail about how I began my personal Word of the Year project 6 years ago. It changed my life.

I know we throw that phrase around quite a bit. This television show, that diet, this car, that celebrity…changed my life. But in 2011, this project truly did change my life. It’s the one thing I can’t imagine not doing each and every year. I believe it is one of the most effective ways to grow as a person and believer in Jesus.

You can read more details HERE, but the premise is to prayerfully choose one word to focus on for an entire year. It’s more than a goal or dream. It’s intentionally choosing an area of your life for God to invade and change.

5 Steps to Grow from Your Word of the Year

So, hopefully, you’ve chosen a word. (Again, if you’re new to the idea, check out a couple of steps to take in choosing your word HERE.) So let’s dive into how to actually grow from this Word of the Year project.

Have Faith.
Choosing a WORD for 2017 can be scary. Did I choose the right word? What does this word mean? Can God really use this?

Don’t worry. Choose to have faith in this project and your word this year. One of the best ways to display faith is to make it public. Share your word with a friend or on Facebook. If you want just post a comment right here.

This week, David Jones, my pastor, encouraged our church to be silent and listen for God’s voice. It’s a tough task, but do it. When you become silent, ask God to speak to you about your word. What does He want for you through it?

When I was silent and listened, God began to speak to me about the things he wants to restore to me this year. All along I was thinking what I would restore, fix, upgrade, but God has different plans.

Obey and Take Action.
When God speaks obey. Many times He will ask you to do something – talk with someone, begin a project, forgive a past wound, etc. This is when the rubber meets the road. Will you do it? Obedience is what will make your Word of the Year a success.

Last year, my word was BOLD. As you may know, I began selling t-shirts to raise money for Escuela Viva. Initially I set my goal for 300 shirts. God said 1000. The crazy thing is I didn’t even reach 300 (I sold 250), but I’m convinced I would have sold less than 100 if God hadn’t set my goal so high.

I’m a writer and graphic designer. I love to print t-shirts with my hands. These creative outlets allow me to work out my thoughts and feelings on my Word of the Year mentally and physically.

You may be a gardener, artist, musician, wood worker, athlete, cook, seamstress or scrapbooker. Whatever your creative outlet – everyone has something – use it to hear God’s voice in a different way. Use your gifts to express your feelings both mentally and physically.

Some of you read that and reacted like I dropped a four-letter word. We hate discipline of any kind, yet consistency will help you grow the most in this project.

Personally, I am challenged to be more disciplined in my physical workout routine. I’ve joined a gym, created a schedule and jumped in last week. I know it’s not that easy. It will be hard work and discipline.

Now do it!

The true key to the Word of the Year? Do it.

Choose a word. Commit to it. Listen for direction in 2017.

I guarantee you’ll be amazed at what happens!

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