So math isn’t my strong suit.

Word of the Year | Bold

2016 is all about BOLD. I’m focusing on BOLD prayers, goals and dreams. I shared some specific examples of each a couple of weeks ago.

Since then, I’ve been focusing on my BOLD goal.

What does it mean to be BOLD?

I want to sell 1000 t-shirts, raise $5000 and send a bunch of kids to school. Read anything about goal setting, and a key factor is being specific. I’ve done that – 1000 shirts and $5000. The next step is to break these total numbers into smaller monthly, weekly and even daily goals (83/month; 19/week; 3/day).


Thinking about this, I was hit with my math limitations. 1000 shirts and $5000 is easy ($5/shirt x 1000 = $5000…cake). I can do that in my head. However, when it comes to how many kids $5000 sponsors, I failed.

Here’s the actual math –

1 kid = $25/month
$300 = 1 kid to school for 1 year
$5000/$300 = 16.7 kids sponsored

This is great news!

I accidentally halved this number – I projected sponsoring only 8 kids!

Small = HUGE

My math isn’t always great, but there is a number that matters more than any other.


1 is you. 1 is me.

You matter! Help me achieve my BOLD goal in 2016.

  1. Buy a shirt.
  2. Tell a friend.
  3. Buy a shirt for a friend.

You matter.

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