Andrew Matters

We Just Need Jesus.

The other morning, while on a work/vacation trip in California, Kia and I walked down to the beach after breakfast. As we sat on the bench watching the waves, a young Asian man stumbled across our way.

His name was Andrew. I say stumbled, because he literally stumbled down the stairs in our direction. It began a 15 minute conversation – 15 minutes I’ll never get back.

In that 15 minutes, I learned Andrew was stumbling because he hurt himself on those same steps doing skateboard tricks to impress a girl while drunk. He went on to tell us Justin Bieber called him regularly to hang out. He has 4 jobs (DJ, rapper, chef and something else) that he loves equally. He never asks for money for those jobs; he loves them to much to get paid. Andrew had been drunk for 7 straight days, and he had only slept for 4 hours.

There’s more, but I’ll spare you.

As Andrew talked (and talked and talked), these thoughts ran through my head:

“This guy needs Jesus.”

“Is it worth my time?”

“No, he’ll just blow me off. I think he’s a little crazy. It’s not worth it.”

The conversation ended about that point. I did throw in some words about hope, but I didn’t give much more. We went our separate ways.

I Just need Jesus on Andy Bondurant in Shawnee, Kansas

Andrew Needs Jesus | We All Do.

I sat in my room later thinking about Andrew. As I reflected on our conversation, I felt God say, “He mattered to Me.”


I was wrong. Andrew does matter. He’s a little strange, but he matters.

Here’s the kicker. When we exchanged names, he made a point of mentioning our names were the same. How could I think this Andrew (me) has more value than that Andrew (him)?

It’s not my place to determine a person’s worth.

It's not my place to determine a person's worth. They just need Jesus. We all do. Click To Tweet

He just needs Jesus.

We all do.

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