Peace! Be still!

I’ve got you, babe…

2009 was not a good year for me.

My business was failing – I lost $100,000 in one week. Kia’s business was faltering – a luxury services don’t sell in a down economy. Relationships were stressed – financial problems don’t make for warm fuzzies.

Everything was falling apart. Have one of these years?

In the midst of the storm swirling around us, I remember telling Kia, “We’re going to be all right. If nothing else, we have our house, our kids. We have each other.”

I know that sounds sappy. It probably sounds like the Sonny & Cher song, I’ve Got You Babe, but it was true.

In fact, something powerful happened in that moment. The atmosphere shifted.

Speaking to the Storm

A favorite story of Jesus happened on a lake. After teaching all day, Jesus took a break by sailing across the lake. He retreated to the back of the boat, laid down and took a nap. Part way across the lake a massive storm arises. Large enough it frightened the disciples – some who are experienced fisherman.

Fearing for their lives, the disciples wake Jesus in a panic.

Do you not care that we are perishing?

Slowly, Jesus stood and spoke,

Peace! Be still!

Just as quickly as the storm arose, it disappeared. The lake was serene.

Something powerful happened in that moment. The atmosphere shifted.

You can speak peace in your life

Trading the storm for calm.

In 2009, standing in my kitchen, talking with Kia, I spoke to a storm in our lives. It was a storm of worry, fear, doubt and frustration. When I spoke, the storm disappeared. In it’s place appeared calm, still waters.

I want you to notice something about the Jesus’ story. The circumstances didn’t change. They remained on a boat. They boat continued to float in the middle of the lake. The status was the same, but the atmosphere shifted.

In 2009, my circumstances remained. I was still in debt. The economy remained oppressive. Relationships continued to be tense. Around me, the storm of worry, fear, doubt and frustration was replaced with calm.

Speak peace

Jesus spoke to the storm. I spoke to the storm. You can speak to the storm. If you are drowning in worry, fear, doubt, frustration or anything else, you can speak to that storm in your life. You can literally say,

Peace! Be still!

The storm will disappear. Calm will appear. The atmosphere will shift.

But…there is one but…


Jesus told his friends if they spoke in faith, they could calm the storm. If you speak with faith, the storm will disappear. Do you believe?

If you believe, speak to the storm. Your circumstances may not change, but your atmosphere will shift.

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