We dream too small.

Let me rephrase that.

I dream too small.

I’m part of a larger group of people who think too much like me. The truth is, it’s kind of scary to think and dream big. When we dream big we can’t see the end of the tunnel if we think it all the way through. We don’t know where the end of the dream is.

  • What are the consequences?
  • Do I really want what comes with that dream?
  • Will I be able to do what it is I want?

In the end, it’s that freaking giant that looms over me, taunts me, and tells me I’m a sham. FEAR.

Fear tells me I can’t possibly do all that’s in my heart, so to be practical. Fear tells me that being real is being smart. Fear tells me that safety is smart. Fear tells me big dreams are too much of a risk.


I don’t dream big enough, and as a Christian I don’t ask God for big enough requests. God wants more. He wants more from me. He wants more for me.


My word for 2013 is TRANSFORMATION. 2012 was RISK. 2011 was FREEDOM.

It’s funny to me how all of this is cyclical. A big take away for 2011 was to live intentionally is the best way to be free. To live intentionally, you have to take some risks. You have to live by faith – you can’t always see the clear outline of the next 10 steps…sometimes you can’t see the next step – you just have to take it blind.

A lesson I’m learning about transformation is I need to ask for more. I need to dream bigger. There is something beyond what I can actually see. Safe isn’t enough.


Yeah, this is kind of random. It’s helped me though. It’s helped me start again. It’s helped me put something out there again. It’s helped me – as Seth Godin would say – “ship”.

There’s something more.

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2 Responses to “More.”

  1. Luke Roland May 25, 2013 at 7:53 pm #

    Hi Andy really enjoyed your post. I think a lot of people are hindered by fear when it comes to their dreams…I know I have been. I read where Rick Warren said “Do the thing you fear the most.” Easier said than done, but sometimes I think fear could be pointing us in the direction we need to go. I’ve definitely limited an unlimited God by asking for too little when he could do so much more…thx for sharing your thoughts!

    • Andy Bondurant May 27, 2013 at 5:49 pm #

      Luke – I appreciate the comments. Yes, fear is one of the most powerful voices holding us back from doing and being what we were created to do. I like that thought…Do the thing you fear the most.

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