Dreamin’ BIG Dreams


It’s a new year…it’s time for a reset!

Last Sunday morning, CPC focused on DREAMS. The kind of dream that gets you up in the morning. The type of dream that keeps you up at night.

3000 years ago, Solomon took over the reign of king of Israel from his father David. Imagine trying to step into the shoes of a national heroic figure like David – defeated a giant as a teenager, conquered the Philistines and other surrounding enemies, and ushered in an unknown peace to this point in Israel’s history.

Solomon knew he needed a reset.

Heading up the Mountain

Solomon climbed the mountain to Dream with God

Solomon knew he needed God to give direction and guidance for him, his leaders and the nation as a whole. In 2 Chronicles 1, Solomon gathers all of his leaders and heads to Gibeon to meet God. At this point, the temple wasn’t built (that was Solomon’s greatest accomplishment), so Gibeon was the best option.

Solomon and his leaders met God in Gibeon. They asked for His favor. They asked for His direction. They dedicated themselves to him and His ways.

That night, God blessed Solomon. He makes this statement…

What do you want? Ask, and I will give it to you!    -2 Chronicles 1:7

This is the part of the story most of us know. Solomon takes the opportunity to ask for wisdom, and God in addition blesses Solomon with wealth and favor (2 Chronicles 1:7-13).

God wants to DREAM with us.

This New Year, as you reset and make plans and goals, DREAM with God. Take time to “head up the mountain.” Meet with God, ask for favor, ask for direction, dedicate yourself and your family to Him.

God wants to DREAM with us, so He can bless those DREAMS.

DREAM with God this New Year!

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