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5 ways to get through the daily grind

What to do when it’s a grind.

The daily grind. Steady hard work; labour of a monotonous kind, esp. close and hard study; an instance of this, a dull and laborious task. -The Oxford Dictionary Some days are harder than others. Some days everything is hard. Nothing is fun. Ever notice that? Today, is one of those days for me. I got up, […]

Solomon climbed the mountain to Dream with God

Dreamin’ BIG Dreams

Reset. It’s a new year…it’s time for a reset! Last Sunday morning, CPC focused on DREAMS. The kind of dream that gets you up in the morning. The type of dream that keeps you up at night. 3000 years ago, Solomon took over the reign of king of Israel from his father David. Imagine trying […]

How to deal with disappointment.

My first RISK of the year. My word for 2012 is RISK, and earlier this month I made my first RISK of the year. I submitted my entry to Photographers Ignite. Probably an even bigger risk was sharing my risk on The Collective. I didn’t make it. I was definitely disappointed. My topic was really […]