I Quit

I quit. 

Those were the two most offensive words in my gang of childhood friends. It could have been in the middle of a game of baseball. They may have been spoken while planning a massive lego build. We spoke them during elaborate Star Wars make believe. Without fail, the game would just be getting good, and then someone quit. 

The two worst words a kid can speak to other kids is “I quit!” Are you ready to quit? Hold on…you need a Word from God! Here’s how to start…

When someone in the middle of the game yelled out, “I quit!”, it was a way of saying “I’ve had enough!” Sure it’s only one word longer, but not many kids have the emotional intelligence to speak that clearly. We were trying to convey these thoughts, “I’m disappointed because this isn’t what I thought the game was going to be.” Or “I’m mad because this isn’t the role I want to play.”

I Quit: Not Just for Kids

We’re not kids any longer, but how often do we speak those words to ourselves? What about speaking them to God?

I quit. I’ve had enough.

Oddly, it doesn’t just come in the low points. The feeling of disappointment and discouragement can come right after an unbelievable win too. 

Elijah Wins (Kind of)

There is a story in the Bible about the prophet Elijah following his most amazing miracle. Elijah oversees an old west showdown between himself and the prophets of the god Baal. On top of Mount Carmel, they call on their respective Gods to reign down fire on the sacrifices they have set up. The prophets of Baal spend the morning performing rituals to get their god to act. Nothing.

Elijah goes next. He begins by building the altar and preparing the sacrifice. Then he amps up the challenge by soaking the altar with gallons and gallons of water. Then he calls on God to send fire to burn the sacrifice.

While Baal remained silent, God acts.

Fire falls from heaven completely burning the sacrificed bull, the wood and even the stones of the altar. In front of the entire nation, Elijah represents the true God in this confrontation. It’s an unbelievable win, right?

Elijah Quits

Yes and no. God wins the battle, but immediately following this showdown, the evil queen, Jezebel, determines to win the war. She vows to kill Elijah for this act of disrespect against her god. Despite having just seen God move on his behalf in front of hundreds (maybe thousands) of his enemies, Elijah is ready to quit. 

Elijah speaks these words to God and himself:

“I have had enough, LORD.”  -1 Kings 19:4

Have you spoken those words to God recently? Have you said them to yourself, a spouse or loved one. I’ve had enough. I quit. I’m disappointed, this isn’t what I thought the game (life) was going to be. I’m mad and tired of my role.

Rest | Receive | Respond

God heard Elijah, and God hears you. Better yet, God didn’t just hear Elijah, God encouraged him. I want to show you how God encouraged Elijah because it is what God wants to do for you too. Three specific steps took place immediately after Elijah declared, “I’ve had enough”:

  1. Rest to Restore
  2. Receive God’s Word
  3. Respond in Faith

You need a Word from God, however you may not be ready for it. You may not be ready because that Word will require action. In order to act on the Word God has for you, you need to be restored.

Each week for the next three weeks I’ll share a new insight on what Elijah did, and how we too can be restored to receive and respond to God’s Word. So don’t quit. Keep hanging on. Hope is coming!

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