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It occurred to me yesterday that a few of my best posts you may have never read. Yesterday, I had the pleasure to be featured as a guest writer for the Animoto blog.

First, if you don’t know about Animoto, you need to go now and check it out. It is the best, fastest, slickest way to create a video of your images (& video) from your shoots. You can buy a pro account and legally sell these videos to your clients!

Now to the point of this post.

Over the past several months I have guest posted on several blogs, but I haven’t ever shared the links with you on The Collective. Shame on me.

Here they are:

1. Animoto

I’ve guest posted twice now. The first is about the rise of advertising via video. This trend is huge among large corporations, but it’s also perfect for small businesses. Check out the article on the Animoto blog – Online Video Advertising: The future is now.

Yesterday, Animoto featured me again on their blog. As the director of Senior Portrait Artists, I was able to watch a huge flux in trends in the high school senior market. I shared 3 tips to Reach, Connect with & Sell to Seniors.

2. Moms With Cameras

Andy Bondurant's guest post on Moms with Cameras

Emily Potts (who also guest posted for The Collective) is the owner of a great blog for women photographers – specifically mothers. As a husband of a photographer who is a mother, I see the immense pressure she feels to be Wonder Woman. She feels pulled by her business, her kids, her home, her husband, her friends, her hobbies – all at the same time.

I wrote under a new section called Male Call. I talk about how to attack the pressure we feel from running a business, life, family, etc. We have to strip down our world to the core, then work backwards…

**NEW** Emily also interviewed Kia last month as her Featured Photogra-momma. Emily asked some great questions, and it forced Kia to synthesize her philosophy on why she does what she does.

3. lbobi

Andy Bondurant's guest post for lbobi

lbobi stands for Little Blog of Big Ideas and run by the very creative Jeff Rodgers. I’ve guest posted twice now this year.

The first is about the importance for photographers to be aware of current style, fashion and trends. The question many photographers ask is where do I find it? Here is a great answer.

Earlier this summer I also wrote a post about protecting your brand. It’s the only one you have.

4. DareDreamerMag

**New** Ron Dawson blogs on a regular basis at what was known as The name has changed, and Ron has added guest bloggers to the mix. I was honored to be included in this line-up.

I shared a very personal story of how I lost $100,000+ due to some poor & hasty decisions.

5. Tiffinbox

Screenshot of guest post on Tiffinbox

Seshu seems to be everywhere and know everyone. Seshu is the owner and curator of some great posts at his blog – This is my 2nd post on Tiffinbox.

The first I tackled the “What’s too sexy for seniors?” question. This time I take on the “What makes a photographer a professional?” question.

I summed it up into 3 parts. What would you add?

I have been asked to post for a couple more blogs, and have submitted to a few more so expect to some updates in the near future.

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