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The secret is faith lives in doubt.

The Secret You Never Knew About Your Faith

Here is a secret about your faith. Faith lives in doubt. Doubt is natural. It’s the unknown. Faith is stepping out into that doubt.

Doubt is the gateway to Faith - FOMO on AndyBondurant.com

Oh no…FOMO!

FOMO Maybe you’ve heard of the acronym – FOMO? It stands for the phrase “Fear of Missing Out.” It speaks to the experiential nature of our culture. It’s the idea that something hasn’t truly happened unless it’s posted on Instagram\Facebook\Twitter. Funny enough, research shows all the digital memory taking we do (photos, video, etc) actually leads to less […]

Moving beyond fear, doubt and worry – it’s not about me.

Last Sunday, I made this simple note for myself. It’s not about me. The note came from the sermon I was listening to at church. It was in reference to more spiritual things, but I applied it to business. It’s a broad principle that goes way beyond my business, the photography business, or anything in […]