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Life is crazy. How do you work?

I’m supposed to be sitting and writing. Instead I’m trying to stop the fighting, yelling and screaming between my 3-year-old and my 6-year-old. Last night I had six 9 and 11-year-old girls over. Life was a little crazy then too. I was supposed to write last night. Didn’t happen. I imagine that you can understand my […]

Pursuing dreams – Is it all worth it?

I attend a church that believes in God speaking through people to other people. Some people call it prophesy; others call it words of encouragement. Basically the belief is that God isn’t limited to the Bible (though that’s the touchstone), but He and His voice is alive. As I was sitting in service last Sunday, […]

Nelson Mandela and Your Next Project

In the midst of building this site – creating content, figuring out shopping carts, beating my head against the wall, totally enjoying myself – I’ve encountered bouts of fear. Will anyone pay attention? Will it be good enough? Do I have the right mix of content? Will I make any money? Am I crazy? I […]

Customer Service – 3 Ways to Treat Momma Right!

If you haven’t noticed, I tend to refer to Newsweek articles quite a bit. The reason being is that it is one of the few magazines (in paper form) that I take and read (along with Inc and Relevant). Today, I have another intriguing article to share with you. Mother Knows Best Lisa Miller writes […]

Had a bad 2010? It could be worse!

Personally, 2010 was pretty good. Much better for me than 2009. For some of you, 2010 may have been not as good as years past. As bad as it may have been, take heart. You could have been one of the 10 people mentioned in this article (10 Career Crashes in 2010). Think General McCrystal, […]

The War of Art

A friend of mine sent an email yesterday after he had a read a book over the weekend that had profoundly affected him. I haven’t read it, but plan to take a look at it. I thought I would take a few of his thoughts and share them with you. First of all the book […]

Ever feel like this?

A friend of mine sent this time me the other day (check out his site…deep thinker and great guy). I know I do…have a great day (and double check your calendars).

Never, never, never give in!

This week I finished a sort of follow up book to Jim Collin’s Good to Great – it’s called How the Mighty Fall. In it Collins tries to track and pinpoint why some of the companies tracked in Good to Great fell so hard (Circuit City, Scott Paper, etc). He came up with 5 stages of decline. Here’s the thing […]

I am not participating in this recession…

I don’t follow Dave Ramsey much, but our church showed this promo video on Sunday and I was really struck by it. I do have a choice in what I do, and how I respond to financial situation all around me.   I hope you enjoy it…I am an American, and I am not participating […]

Fantasy Football

This may be it, it may be time to hang up the Fantasy Football cleats. I’ve been playing fantasy sports for the past 10 year or so (starting out with NBA Basketball – truthfully still my favorite. Long enough ago that it was done before the internet and involved getting spreadsheets in the mail on […]