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I don’t often do this. In fact, I haven’t ever done it on this site, but I thought it time.

Today, I am sharing with you the top posts over the last 3 months at These are the posts you’ve visited the most. You’ve come across them on Facebook, Twitter or a Google search.

I'm doing a great work shirt by Andy Bondurant

One of MY top posts – Sorry, I’m doing a GREAT work.


It’s a great for me to see what you like. It’s also a great reminder of what is searched for is successful (SEO matters!).

Here is the list of the Top 10 read posts/pages and a short description of the article. Do me a favor and click through a few of these posts!

1. Home/Index Page

Not super sexy, but it’s the top page/post, and it always will be. Remember this when your building your website!

2. Who’s the Boss.

This and the next top post is a tribute the power of a highly searchable topic. People love the 80’s sitcom Who’s the Boss. I referred to it on this post, and it’s a consistent top read post.

It is a reference to the question of who is the boss in your life? How has authority over you? Who do you let in?

3. Satan is Frank Underwood.

Netflix top rated & watched program is House of Cards. Frank Underwood, the main character, is a bad, bad man. Combine that with Satan, and you have a hit post.

House of Cards fans, let me know what you think. Is Frank Underwood Satan?

4. The Goliath Principle: There’s always another giant.

Don’t get cocky, kid! Remember that line from Star Wars? King David could have said as much. He made his mark fighting the giant Goliath as a teenager. He was fighting giants as an old man.

Don’t get cocky. There’s always another giant!

5. What do you pray for your child?

How do you pray for your kids? Do you need help?

Here are 3 tips on how to better pray for your kids based on Jesus’ final prayer on the night of his betrayal.

6. Rights Die Here!

Take your butt’s to the Cross!

Read it. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll understand it.

7. It’s OK to not be OK. It’s not OK to stay that way.

This is a post based off a presentation (and book) by South Carolina pastor Perry Noble. I got a flack for it from some people.

What do you think? Is it okay?

8. Young. Free. Alive.

We can be free. We can be truly alive. It comes through drinking the pure and living water only from Jesus.

9. When time stands still.

There are some decisions when time seems to stand still. All of life stops as you make a choice that will change your life, the lives of those closest to you and even beyond.

Read about the story of one man who this is more than true for.

But wait…there’s more!

I have to be honest. Sometimes creating a schedule to write 2-3 or more times a week means some posts are less dear to me than others. Some of the above fits in this category.

Here are 5 posts from the last couple of months which are my favorites. 5 posts I suggest bookmarking and reading.

1. The Goliath Principle…

This is the only post that makes both lists (though I do like Rights and When Time a lot!). It’s that good. It’s that true. It may become a book (or part of a book).

2. the Light is coming.

This is my Easter 2015 post. It’s my post of gratitude, thankfulness and hope in Jesus of Nazareth.

3. A Rolling Stone Gathers no Shame.

This too may become part of a book. It’s a principle of freedom that gets overlooked too often.

We can be chained by the shame residing within that which we are now free from. You can be free from shame too!

4. An Artist’s Manifesto (of sorts).

I’m an artist. This is what I believe as an artist. What do you believe?

5. Sorry, I’m doing a GREAT work.

This is already in a book (not mine), or it would be. One of the best things I’ve ever learned from Andy Stanley. So good I made a t-shirt (see above).

What did I miss?

Do you have a favorite post not on the list? Take a moment and share it in the comments section.

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