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Are you finding open space?

New Territory Yesterday, I wrote about how each of us resemble an ATM. We can’t give anymore than what we have in us. This means we need to constantly work to refresh our creative batteries. Last Sunday marked the first time since creating The Collective that a day passed without something being posted. I actually realized […]

Can you say it in 6 words?

Twitter has changed the world In June, Kia and I attended the Storyline conference hosted by Donald Miller. Don did most of the talking, but did invite a couple of people to be interviewed during the day. One of these people was Ian Cron. Ian wrote an interesting book (everyone at the conference received a […]

Bounce Back (do you have it?)

Failure hurts Kia just told me about 3 photographer acquaintances from different parts of the country who are having major financial problems. A couple of them may have to close their businesses. When she told me, I went through a range of emotions – shock, concern, worry, and relief (that it wasn’t me) just to […]

Are you connected and engaged?

  I reviewed Jim Axelrod’s book In the Long Run on Saturday. I wasn’t expecting much out of the book, but I came away with three points that really impacted me. The value of a father. Success isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. A don’t quit attitude can take you a long way. I […]

Word of the Year update – Happy Independence Day!

Word of the Year background It’s been about a little over a month since I’ve posted about my word this year – Freedom. In case you haven’t been following that long here are several posts you can check out to see what I’m talking about. The Beginning Nike Commercial Open Space March Update. It’s the […]

Hope is one open door away

Sometimes hope is hard to come by… I read an article in the USA Today yesterday about the consumer confidence index. Basically it states that the index holds what may be the most significant signal of the US descending deeper into recession or moving up. The index moved down for the month of June, and […]

Are you caught up in profitability?

I’m sure the article title may sound like a weird question, coming from a blog all about the BUSINESS of photography. But hang with me for a minute, and you’ll see where it really is MORE profitable to be less worried with profit. I was struck with the question during the Storyline conference. Am I […]

Where you do What you do Matters

Every story has a setting. Our lives are a story. We are the principal character in the story, and where we play out the story is our setting. In any story, the setting is one of the most important components. It makes a difference to how that scene plays out. Imagine the Star Wars scene […]