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Everyone is my neighbor, but not just anyone on Andy Bondurant

Neighbor: Everyone not just Anyone

Who is my neighbor? There is an intrinsic understanding in everyone to care for the people around us. It’s natural to help the people we’re close to, but it’s not normal to help someone we don’t know. It’s even more unusual to help someone we don’t like. So there is a question we all ask ourselves regularly, […]

Santa Clause image by Kia Bondurant

It’s so childish!

What makes a kid a kid? One of the things I love about kids is their willingness to believe. They aren’t born cynical. You tell them a big man in a red suit with a white beard riding reindeer brings presents to every person in the world in one 24 hour span…and they believe. Belief […]

The Glory belongs to God by Andy Bondurant in Shawnee Kansas

Jesus’ Feet.

According to StrengthFinders 2.0 (a book and test I highly recommend), among other things, I am an achiever. I need to accomplish a task in order to feel I’ve achieved something. I don’t do well with meetings – how many times is something truly accomplished in a meeting? It’s a strength. It helps me get […]